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SARJAK the creator, is designed to create golden memories for you and your loved ones. With a housing capacity of 400-500 guests it is ideal for your pre wedding functions and social gatherings. It can also play an important part in your business by hosting business seminars.


PRAPTI the attainment, can host upto 80 people. It is ideal for a small get together or close circled meet-ups.


Parisamwad the Convention, is ideal to host your business conferences and private function. It can host upto 100 guests. And make your event.


PARAMARSH The consultation, is another banquet hall available with us. Perfect to host conferences at a corporate level with a capacity of catering upto 250 guests it is ideal for small gatherings and occasions you want to celebrate with your near and dear ones.


PARICHAY lawn can host upto a 100 guests.  Be it a birthday celebration or a pre wedding function the ambience will create unforgettable memories for you and your beloveds to cherish for a long period of time.

Prasang Lawn

To make your special celebration an unforgettable event, we at Prakruiti provide personalized and innovative wedding services and a complete wedding solution to our guests. We can help you to turn your dream wedding into a reality.Suggested by the name itself PRASANG standing for occasion, is the perfect venue for your grand celebration. The lush green lawn can cater upto 1000 guests at a time We are sure our  luxurious facilities and top notch services will enhance your celebration and make them utmost memorable.